Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

1. This year I've grown because I've learned how to handle stress calmly. Also, I’m not as emotional as I used be.

2. I’m proud of the teachers I have and the people I’m with. In the dlc I have friends I can talk to and do projects with, and I have teachers that are kind and helpful.

3. The thing that I found challenging was doing a project that involved animation because I’m not that good at animation. I mean I can do the basic things, but I don’t really know how to do the really cool, professional effects.

4.My favorite project was probably the brochure because I found it easy and fun. It wasn’t that hard to find the information, and I liked putting in the pictures.

5. For 2nd Semester I hope to do a little better in Writing and I hope to learn some of the really cool, professional effects.


  1. I agree that you have gotten better under stress this year. I also like the teachers and classmates this year but do you have a specific project or time of year that made you really proud? I find animation challenging because it is time consuming and somewhat limited as to what you can do. I thought the brochure was fun after you got going with it but was difficult to get started. The most fun part of that was definitely the pictures. I'd like to learn some cool effects to specifically with animation. I'm also falling behind in writing and wish to do better this semester.

  2. I also think that i have gotten better under stress. I enjoy being around the classmates around me and enjoying free time in classes. I think that animation is a very interesting topic. I agree with Oliver that its time consuming but the end result is almost always worth it in my opinion. Whats your favorite part about using animation in dlc? I would also have to agree that the brochure was a very fun project. I think that it would be interesting to learn some professional effects in class.

  3. I'm glad that you shared your thoughts about what I wrote. The project that made me most proud, Oliver, was a soda bottle rocket in 5th grade. Although, everyone in my 5th grade class had to make one, so it wasn't like I chose to do it on my own, plus the teacher helped me with some of it. My favorite part about using animation in the dlc, Jake, it seeing how it looks when I'm done, even if the animation is pretty bland and basic. The brochure was a fun project, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed it. I hope that you, Oliver, do better in Writing and I hope that you, Jake, learn some professional effects, and I hope that both the things I just said happen to me, too. :)