Wednesday, February 23, 2011


a. The Burning Monk video and the self-burning of Mohamed Bouazizi are the same because both of them involve a man using gasoline to set himself on fire to get a point across, the monk wanted to practice Buddhism, but it wasn't allowed in Vietnam so he set himself on fire, and Bouazizi just wanted to get his scale back so in protest he set himself on fire. The difference between the two are one happened because he couldn't practice the religion he wanted to, and the other involves protesting against the government of his country.

b. I feel what they did was right, but also a bit too implusive.

c. "Anything that gives us new knowledge gives us an opportunity to be more rational."
Herbert Simon

d. Discussion Questions:
Do you feel that what they did was smart?
Do you think Bouazizi could have handled the situation better.

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